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We are giving away a handmade Pebble Nutcracker and Ballerina rattle. Festive & colorful, these are perfect for a baby’s first Christmas or to use as decor in that special little corner of your house this holiday season. Crocheted by women living in rural Bangladesh, Pebble products give opportunities and hope by giving the dignity of a job.

There is really only one requirement to enter the contest. Answer the question: “What store would you like to see Pebble products to be sold at near you?” In the end, we hope that whether you win or lose that this giveaway will benefit not only you but a growing number of women in Bangladesh. The odds keep getting better as our definition of “winning” grows.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, wherever you would like to continue the conversation with Kahiniwalla, the distributor of Pebble.

This is Kahiniwalla’s first home-grown giveaway and we figure that we have a lot to learn from you all. A few days ago we did a giveaway with The Baby Guy NYC and we had a lot of fun on Facebook interacting with his rather large audience. Please let us know of any glitches that you may have run into because we plan to do more in the future.

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Is There Finally a Sensible Prostitution Solution?


Pebble's Limited Edition Rag Doll

I heard a modern day abolitionist state that, “The effort to end modern day slavery and the fair trade movement, are not two separate things, they are Siamese twins.” I could not agree more. In Bangladesh women receiving a fair wage for their work will seldom resort to sex work.

I believe that there is only a fine line between prostitution and human trafficking. In many cases, that line has ceased to exist. The sex workers I have been privileged to know have been victims of horrific crimes. Not one of them woke up one morning and said, “Hmm! I could make a lot of money selling my body. This is what I want to do with my life.” No, it’s been a result of being victimized… of being so bloody beaten down, sometimes literally, that there is not much left for them to do or be. The whys behind prostitution are much deeper and complex than I can put into words but what I have seen in my experience makes me agree with something I read last night in an article entitled Sweden’s Prostitution Solution – in it Marie De Santis states that, “prostitution is a form of male violence against women.” In 1999, Sweden made it illegal to buy sex and, instead of punishing the one selling sex, now offer help and alternatives. Not only has this greatly diminished prostitution, it has had a huge effect on human trafficking. An estimated 200-400 women and girls are being trafficked into Sweden yearly, compared to the 15,000 – 17,000 being trafficked into Finland every year.

Dignity is priceless. That has become a mantra in my life. Something is twisted when a woman feels she has no options but to sell her body and is then criminalized for doing so. Her dignity was lost long before the arrest, long before she sold her body and yet, the one who bought the sex can walk away from her with his dignity more or less intact. This is seriously twisted! Words cannot do justice to how wrong this scenario is. If Sweden’s government can “get it” and make real, lasting changes, maybe there is hope for the the rest of us.

I’m enchanted by women’s stories and love uncovering the ways in which they connect. I’m a bit of a mystic, and see these stories as threads spinning the issues of fair trade and sex work together. Pebble addresses sex work by creating a compelling alternative and preventing it in the first place. Our goal as Kahiniwalla (which means “storyteller”) is to tell Pebble’s story and create a market for Pebble products creating even more opportunities for employment. We want to use the stories that we spin together and turn them into warm blankets to soothe the cold, desperate and hungry that have been wounded and left out in the cold.