Uh Oh!

Pebble Ballerina Doll drying out.

Pebble Ballerina Doll dries out in the sun after being laundered.

There went that favorite toy – in the puddle! Every mom knows how hard it is to keep toys and clothes clean. If that cute octopus rattle just went into a mouth still covered with this morning’s breakfast (or any other scenario you can imagine), now worries! All Pebble products are washable! Simply spray with a bit of color-safe spot remover, if needed (if it is safe for your child’s clothes, it is safe to use on Pebble products). I prefer to put the toys in a laundry bag before putting into the machine; this ensures a more gentle ride to cleanliness. For the larger pieces, I find it works best to put them into a pillowcase, inside the laundry bag. While they can be washed in warm water, I have found that cold usually works really well. Choose a gentle cycle and avoid hot water. Once they are washed, I like to fluff them in the dryer for a few minutes and then hang in the sun to dry. Or you can completely dry them in the dryer. Your toy should be as good as new!

  • Color-safe spot remover (if necessary)
  • Place in laundry bag
  • Machine wash – gentle cycle
  • Cold or warm water
  • Fluff in dryer & hang out to dry (can be completely dried in dryer)
  • Return to happy owner