Another cold, grey wintery day in Ohio. The early morning sunshine, that washed the earth with a soulful warmth just yesterday is gone. The wind blows a lone leaf down the road and whispers through bare tree branches. I sigh, longing for spring. I pick up a gardening book, on loan from the library. I can’t help myself as I peruse the pages, grabbing pen and paper to make my list of seeds to buy. There’s something hopeful about a packet of seeds; a surety that spring will come. No matter how cold and long and hard the winter, spring comes.


And so I plot and dream of plants and seedlings and meals that taste of warm summer sunshine. The reality I see out of my window now, is not going to last. As the earth groans and prepares to shake off its winter cloak, I prepare for the change that I know is coming.


Just the other day, while the boys were helping Austin to put together a new raised garden bed for our front lawn, I was scraping away the musty layers of autumn from our flower beds when I saw them poking confidently out of the ground. Daffodil shoots!


We plant seeds of hope and freedom because they will bear fruit. We know within that a better tomorrow is possible, so we plan rather than hope for it. I pick up my pen and plant my dreams on paper. Dreams of women who are more than survivors of a terrible past. Of children school bound having had a hearty breakfast. Of wars that never saw the light of day. Of families who together change the world.


Beets, kale, lettuce, an end of trafficking, onion sets, peas, radishes, food for the hungry, swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers, justice for the oppressed…


5 Pebble Bunnies

Spring seems to be about as elusive as naughty bunnies hiding in the garden at night. Yes, I know, many of our gardens are still under a blanket of snow, but to us, bunnies symbolize the hope and energy spring will bring. We are sharing five of Pebble’s bunnies with you in hopes that they will be a timely reminder that spring is on its way!

Boy & Girl Bunny

  1. Boy Bunny – A classic from Pebble. Comfortable at the beach, at a 4th of July parade, he has that charming way of putting those around him at ease.
  2. Girl Bunny – Another classic from Pebble. A sunshine-y friend in a sundress. She lights up the room and has a great imagination. Recently spotlighted by The Talking Walnut blog, she didn’t even blush at all of the attention.Motif Star Bunny
  3. Organic Motif Bunny-Star/Organic Bunny Ring Rattle – A mainstay of Pebble’s Organic Collection, these bunnies are soft and playful and loved by grandmas and grandkids in equal measure.Stripey Bunnies
  4. Rainbow Stripey Bunny Rattle – A quick best-seller, this character is cheerful and energetic although his prankster antics often get him in “trouble”.
  5. Organic Stripey Bunny Rattle – Showcasing the latest color-ways from Pebble, the Organic Stripey Bunny is happy-go-lucky and always ready to tell a good story.


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Pebble products are Fair Trade and made entirely by hand. To date, Pebble provides rural employment to over 6,500 women in rural Bangladesh. To read more about Pebble’s innovative and ethical manufacturing model read our post which summarizes a case study that MIT’s Innovations Journal published about it.

Uh Oh!

Pebble Ballerina Doll drying out.

Pebble Ballerina Doll dries out in the sun after being laundered.

There went that favorite toy – in the puddle! Every mom knows how hard it is to keep toys and clothes clean. If that cute octopus rattle just went into a mouth still covered with this morning’s breakfast (or any other scenario you can imagine), now worries! All Pebble products are washable! Simply spray with a bit of color-safe spot remover, if needed (if it is safe for your child’s clothes, it is safe to use on Pebble products). I prefer to put the toys in a laundry bag before putting into the machine; this ensures a more gentle ride to cleanliness. For the larger pieces, I find it works best to put them into a pillowcase, inside the laundry bag. While they can be washed in warm water, I have found that cold usually works really well. Choose a gentle cycle and avoid hot water. Once they are washed, I like to fluff them in the dryer for a few minutes and then hang in the sun to dry. Or you can completely dry them in the dryer. Your toy should be as good as new!

  • Color-safe spot remover (if necessary)
  • Place in laundry bag
  • Machine wash – gentle cycle
  • Cold or warm water
  • Fluff in dryer & hang out to dry (can be completely dried in dryer)
  • Return to happy owner

Pebble: Kid Safe


 Pebble products are natural and safe for infants and children.

Pebble products are natural and safe for infants and children.

Safety from the get-go

Baby and child safety is taken into consideration right from the start at the design phase of Pebble products. Products are created using only cotton and filler. There are no trims, no buttons and no eyes which could detach and pose a choking hazard.

Independently Certified

All of the cotton used for Pebble products is Oeko-Tex 100 certified and processed in an Oeko-Tex certified mill.

Oeko-Tex certification ensures:

  • Low impact AZO free dyes
  • No allergenic dyes
  • No pesticides
  • Skin friendly pH
  • No formaldehyde
  • No flame retardant.

Pebble toys are EN71 tested for flammability.

In the U.S. Pebble toys are tested in Ohio and Pennsylvania and carry a Pennsylvania Registration # for stuffed toys.

Conscientious mom approved

B.EcoChic, who reviews and recommends healthy products for babies and children, has given its Seal of Approval to all of the Pebble products that we have submitted to date. See their review and recommendation here.

Thank you for caring about the health and development of your child and know that the fact that you purchased this Fair Trade product may well have contributed to the health and development of a child half way around the world.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about the safety of the Pebble product line.