Lenten Feast – Tibet

Tibetan Lenten Feast

For Lent this year, we are remembering other people from around the world by eating food from their country and praying for refugees and other marginalized people from these nations.

Last evening we shared a small Tibetan feast. Our youngest son did a bit of research and shared it with us later in the evening by candlelight during our family Lenten tradition of loadshedding. We learned together that ethnic Tibetan young people are leaving Tibet in large numbers because of the lack of educational opportunities.

Until quite recently the Tibetan food consisted of a subsistence diet of meat and dairy with very few spices and vegetables. Many refugees from Tibet have moved to India and not surprisingly, their cuisine has grown a bit spicier and a bit richer.

The meatball curry dish we tried was Shabril and you can find a recipe here. The cabbage dish was Baistaa and here is the recipe.